Unleashing Big Data for unparalleled risk insights

Introducing Clerigoo, your primary tool for crucial information on individuals and companies on global blacklists.

These companies are often linked to serious allegations such as financial crimes, (cyber) violence, or being tied to armed groups.

Select the ways you want to protect your business from several options, including the type of companies or people you want to search for, territory, or type of infringements.

What will you find with our tool?

A Comprehensive resource
Our database extends to individuals governed by Anti-money laundering regulations in the political arena (PEPs). This encompasses current and former political figures, close associates, armed forces members, religious leaders, and more.

Powerful screening and investigation
Clerigoo is meticulously crafted for screening and investigation, providing you with the tools to navigate risk landscapes with confidence

API Access
Unlock this wealth of knowledge through our user-friendly web access or seamless API integration. For large financial enterprises seeking on premise screening capabilities, our database is available via licensing, allowing for convenient downloads in json or xml formats.

Screening solution
Perform searches in our database, print reports with the results, check your history, reduce false positives, false negatives and much more.

With Clerigoo, you hold one of the world’s finest screening solutions in your hand, now accessible to everyone.
Elevate your compliance efforts with our state-of-the-art IA based technology.

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