Elevate your enterprise with Clerigoo

More than a tool
Maximize the capabilities of your ERP or CRM software with our seamlessly integrated API solution. It can be used for legal services offered to third parties or a as legal tool integrated in other ERP or CRM software.

AML by Design
Clerigoo empowers your clients to lightly navigate Compliance regulations and proactively combat money laundering. It is a tool that can help any company to prevent serious risks.

Key benefits

Discover the benefits of our tool:

Effortless Integration
Swift implementation into your company’s programs.

Versatile Sales
Easily market it as an integrated add-on of your software solutions.

Tailored Customization
Customize features and functions to align perfectly with your program.

Our solution is budget-friendly to companies of all sizes and varying needs.

Compliance tool
The solution can be used both for legal services and management software companies as a key tool to prevent and minimize risks of AML.

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Clerigoo service is currently under construction.
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